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Historic Clash: Nepal Takes on England C at Aldershot Town's EBB Stadium

Get ready for a momentous occasion! This coming Monday, May 6th, the EBB Stadium in Aldershot will be buzzing with excitement as Nepal takes on England C in a historic international friendly match. This fixture isn't just about football; it's about community, cultural exchange, and a chance to witness something truly special.

A First for Aldershot

Aldershot Town Football Club is proud to host its first-ever full international match. The club has a strong connection to the Nepalese community, having raised funds for earthquake relief and even sending an academy team to Nepal. This match is a chance to celebrate those ties and showcase Aldershot on the international stage.

England C Steps Up

While not the full England squad, England C features talented players competing at a semi-professional level. This provides a fantastic opportunity for both teams to test their skills against worthy opponents. Manager Paul Fairclough has named his squad, and anticipation is building for a competitive and exciting match.

Nepal Aims High

The Nepalese National Team will be looking to make a statement against their English counterparts. This match is a valuable chance to gain experience and raise their profile on the international football scene. With a passionate Nepalese community in Aldershot cheering them on, the atmosphere at the EBB Stadium is sure to be electric.

More Than Just a Match

This fixture is about much more than just the final score. It's a chance to celebrate the beautiful game of football and the power it has to bring people together. The event will strengthen ties between the English and Nepalese communities, fostering cultural exchange and understanding.

Don't Miss Out!

Tickets for this historic match are still available at affordable prices. Whether you're a die-hard football fan, a member of the Nepalese community, or simply looking for a great day out, this is an event not to be missed. Be part of history and witness Nepal take on England C at Aldershot's EBB Stadium on May 6th!


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